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As the Director of Ecommerce, Suleman Rehmani’s job is to help users find what products they are looking for and provide a seamless experience when they are ready to buy. In 2016, he was exploring new ways to send timely, relevant and personalized messages to users, before they had even registered on their website.

Before OneSignal, the Princeton Review couldn’t engage users who were browsing their site until they collected their email address. Unfortunately, email addresses were only collected after a user completed their purchase or after a long registration flow.

Suleman Rehmani
Push notifications help us reach users who forgot to check out. As a data driven marketer, it’s great to see users opting in everyday, and we can engage them based on the actions they took.
Suleman Rehmani, Director of Ecommerce

In less than a week The Princeton Review was able to go live with this push notifications.

"The implementation was really simple and straightforward and we were surprised at how quickly we could get it live, begin sending notifications and see the results instantaneously. I think everyone should be experimenting with web push and if they aren’t, they are already late."

The Princeton Review tags user behaviors on their site using the OneSignal API. Then, Suleman’s marketing team creates segments of users with different tags, and targets them with personalized messages using the OneSignal Dashboard.

"OneSignal is the most knowledgeable vendor in the push space. It’s not just notifications, but you have to know what’s happening in the browser landscape. I always learn a lot from my conversations with them and I didn’t get the same impression from other vendors."

To increase clickthroughs and conversions, Princeton Review also uses the Dashboard to run experiments with automating messages and optimizing message content by location. For example with the “best time” feature, notifications can be sent to users at the time of day they are most likely to be interested in the notification.

As an e-commerce site, Princeton Review has been able to increase revenues by sending a variety of messages based on user activity with cart abandonment notifications, discounted promotion deals, and promotion ending notifications. Users who opt-in to notifications are 4x more likely to purchase than those who do not.

With OneSignal’s latest segmentation improvements, they can also conditionally offer users complementary products or upsells and they can personalize the notifications delivered to individual users.

"We’re able to personalize these notification at the product level, by mentioning the product name and utilizing the user’s name if we have that information. We’ve also been A/B testing different calls-to-action for users to opt-in to these messages on our site."