Mastering Mobile Games Messaging

Episode 23 welcomes OneSignal Customer Strategist Eyra Dzakuma.

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Eyra has spent the past 18 months helping some of the world’s largest mobile games improve their customer messaging. She is here to discuss OneSignal's Mastering User Communication in Mobile Games eBook and her experiences with mobile games messaging.

OneSignal was started as a mobile games studio, it’s in our DNA. Messaging to users is critically important. There are nearly 1 million mobile games live in the app stores today. The top 25% of all mobile games only retain 4% of their users. That means 96% of gamers abandon a mobile game they’ve downloaded in less than a month. Costs to acquire a paying gamer run as high as $40. Every customer touchpoint is precious.

OneSignal was named Unity’s first verified messaging platform partner, with 30k games on Unity using OneSignal, there is a depth of mobile games messaging experience.

The ebook discusses core, crucial use cases such as:

  1. Player onboarding - Function oriented; Benefits-oriented; progressive
  2. Enhancing the Game Experience -
  3. Re-engage Players
  4. Drive Revenue - IAM Purchases; Engagement for page views

Please listen to the podcast to hear Eyra's insights and summary of the eBook. Get the eBook Mastering User Communication in Mobile Games here.

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