Over the past year, OneSignal has emerged as the leading customer engagement solution for omni-channel messaging with almost 5 billion messages being sent from our platform every day.

That’s over 340,000 push notifications sent every minute through OneSignal! In addition to high messaging volume and delivery performance, OneSignal also provides an extensive suite of features designed to increase engagement amongst your audience.

Below, our Growth team has analyzed data from over 118 billion push notifications sent over a 4-week period and broke down the statistics on how the usage of OneSignal’s robust features can result in a significant increase in user engagement. From utilizing segments, data tags, images, and more; OneSignal users have found these features to be extremely helpful in crafting the best approach towards sending push notifications to people with highly relevant content that drives engagement.

1. Segments

Segments enable apps to reach their audiences in a more targeted fashion where only the most relevant and personalized push notifications are sent to users. These messages can be customized to be sent to people based on user behavior, demographics, and other signals that users may exhibit when using an application. In our analysis, we’ve uncovered that push notifications targeted to specific segments have a 50% higher click-through rate than messages sent without the use of segmentation.

2. Data Tags

Data Tags make it possible for apps to label users with specific pieces of information that they can then use to send targeted push notifications based on that information. Push notifications sent by apps that use data tags have a 16% higher click-through rate than those sent by apps that don’t use data tags to differentiate their users.

3. A/B Tests

A/B Tests enable apps to send only the best-performing push notifications to their users based on a sample of actual engagement from the intended audience.
The stats say that push notifications sent after A/B testing have a 10% higher click-through rate than messages that are sent without A/B testing.

4. Images

Incorporating images in messaging can grab users’ attention and give them more context about the message more quickly than text. “A picture is worth a thousand words”! Based on our team's analysis of push notification statistics, messages that were sent with images had a 9% higher click-through rate than those sent without images.

5. In-App Messages

In-App Messages appear over app content with relevant messaging, which allows for an app to reach all users, even those that aren’t subscribed to push notifications. They’re also highly customizable and can have gifs, images, and more embedded within them. In-app messages (interstitials, banners, pop-ups, etc) have 18-20 times the click-through rate than that of a typical push notification.

OneSignal’s mission is to power the world’s messages by providing the best-in-class tools for apps to engage users across different channels. By providing a statistical analysis of over 118 billion push notifications sent over a 4-week period, we hope that users can act on the data provided to increase engagement and get the best results with their messages.